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The cutest coffee shop in Hamburg and other food recommendations

Hey everyone~ surprise surprise, i am actually updating this blog again!
But this time i'll be writing about my city trip to Hamburg, an absolutely gorgeous German city.
I only spent 4 days there in total, but I can't wait to go back sometime.

We took the overnight bus there, which took a total of 10 hours and arrived in the morning.
Obviously, we were starving~ for some nice breakfast so we headed over to a lovely place called Sternenschanze - the Hipster area.
Which is super artsy, lots of small stores and interesting restaurants.
We spotted this lovely gem and decided to eat breakfast there.

Here's the address if you want to visit:

Herr Max 
Konditorei & Patisserie 
Schulterblatt 12 
20357 Hamburg 

The café is open from 10am to 9pm.

The interior of this place is really adorable. Everythings pastel, and looks antique-ish, a bit worn down but still very pretty.

The cakes  they have there look fantastic, and i would have loved to try every single one of them!

We ordered something else though.
Due to being super tired, I got an ice-cream coffee and a small apple pie. 
The apple pie was 3,50€ and i think the ice-cream coffee was around 5€. A bit pricy, but totally worth it.

My sister got a Lavender tea, and to my surprise it was actual lavender instead of a simple tea bag.

She also got a breakfast plate that looked really~ delicious.

They also have all sorts of Lemonade there.

While the café was already very cute, the one thing that surprised me was how nice the waiters were. They put nice flowers on our table after we sat down

And because there was a construction site outside the cafe that was pretty loud, which still wasn't really the cafes fault, they gave us a free beverage each as compensation.
I got a mint tea with fresh mint leaves and my sister got a rhabarber lemonade (yes that is a thing in Germany)

Important fact for summer:
They also have ice-cream.
They also have vegan ice-cream, so dig in!

One day, i hope i get to visit Hamburg again. It's such a pretty and artsy city! 

Before i end this post, here are two more restaurant recommendations:

They have really delicious burgers there!

perfect for breakfast  at the beach!

so that's it for now, hope you got some nice impressions of Hamburg from this blog post!

Love, Lydia~~


Taiwan Diary #30: 2Gether Cafe

Today I want to introduce a tiny, but quite adorable cafe in Taipei. 
It's called 2gether, as in "Happy Together".

This cafe is famous for its marshmallows, and has two branches. The one I visited was the 晴光店

The adress is Zhongshan District, Lane 183, Section 2, Zhongshan N Rd, 4號
And it's right in the middle between Zhongshan Elementary School station and Minquan West Road.

The interior is adorable, lots of Toast plushies everywhere~
That's actually because the cafe is famous for its variety of unique toasts, and that Toast plush is actually their mascot. They're sold there too, but at a slightly expensive price.

They also had a paper figure of a "German" house (obviously with toast), which was slightly random.

You can also take photos with the plushies with your own camera (for free) or you pay a small amount of NTD to get a Polaroid photo taken by one of the employees.

Space-wise, this cafe is tiny and doesn't have much seating. But they put a lot of effort into their decorations, which is always appreciated.

the menu, unfortunately, is exclusively in Chinese.
But don't worry, if you download a small dictionary app called Pleco before your trip you can still figure out what to order. Even I couldn't read everything, so digital dictionaries are real lifesavers.

The drinks they offer vary between normal cafe choices, and traditional taiwanese breakfast style such as simple soy milk.
I opted for a Matcha Latte.

Onto their famous toast~
I orderered a marshmallow Toast, and even the packaging was really cute and perfect for take-away orders as well.

And the toast was delicious too. Super soft marshmallows on top, with white and dark chocolate sauce and crunchy bread underneath.
Extremely sweet though, so be warned.

That's it for today~
hope you enjoyed this blog post and hopefully, some of you find it helpful when planning your trip to Taipei.
Have any of you been there before, or would you like to go?
Tell me in the comments below!

Love, Lydia


Japan Adventures: Tokyo Day 2, Kawaii Monster Café

Today I want to introduce to you the most colourful café in the world:

Kawaii Monster Cafe

This place is exactly like most people who have never been to Japan like to imagine Tokyo as:
Colourful, loud, crazy.
The cafe only opened last year, yet it attracts so many visitors that you usually need a reservation.
We got lucky, maybe the crowd isn't as big during lunch time?

The visuals were created by Sebastian Masuda, famous for his clothing brand 6% DokiDoki and Kyary PamyuPamyus music videos.
You can imagine what this place looks like.

Now first of all, here's how to get there:

First, get to Jingumae station on the Tokyo Metro line.
Get out of exit 5.
Turn around, there should be a big crossing.
Turn left. On your side (left) there should be Laforet, a huge shopping mall which you can't miss.
On the opposite side of the street, there's another shopping mall . I forgot what it was called, but the Kawaii Monster Cafe is inside , and there should be big banners advertising it on the building.

Before you enter, the waitress will reveal the concept of the cafe to you:
You will step inside a monsters belly.
How appetizing.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that this place will not be very cheap.

You have to pay a 500Yen entrance fee.
And each person has to order something to eat.
Time limit is 90 minutes

On some websites, I read that each person has to get a dish and a drink, but I went with another friend and while we did get a meal each, we ordered a drink to share.

One of the waitresses will lead you to a table. There's 4 different areas in the cafe, but I think you can only choose where you want to sit if you reserve a seat beforehand.
One area has lots of baby animal heads and milkbottles on display.

Then there's the bar that's underneath a large Jellyfish, and an area that is filled with tea cups and melting ice-cream. But no one sat there during lunch time, so I guess it's reserved for dinner time, when it's more crowded.

We got seated in an area filled with weird looking plants lips?

This monster sure grows some weird things in his stomach.

This place is so colourful, i didn't really know where to look at first.
The menu looks amazing too.

Prices are not on the cheap side, but the selection looks amazing.

Drinks are 700-900 Yen
Snacks start from 650 Yen upwards
Meals are around 1300
A giant ice-cream parfair will set you back 2,500 (but keep in mind that it's meant to be shared with others).
I'm not sure if those prices are always the same or if they're lunch prices and it will get more expensive during dinner time.

We ordered a Matcha-Strawberry drink to share, which was quite expensive (around 900 Yen) but so, so worth it. It was delicious and probably the best milkshake-like drink I ever had. Sweet,  but still refreshing and a very subtle green tea taste.

My friend ordered the fries, which were around 900 Yen if I remember that correctly.
They look fairly "normal" except for the colourful dippings. 
Each colour actually has a different flavour!

I chose the rainbow spaghetti for lunch. They look great, don't they?
They cost 1,300 Yen
The spaghetti themselves do taste the same, but again, the sauce has a different flavour depending on each colour. My favourite was the blue one!

Now this probably sounds a bit weird but please make sure to check out the bathrooms.
They look, so, so cool~
There's bouncy balls underneath the sink!

The main piece of the cafe is a carousel that's right behind the entrance.
Once per hour , the characters that are working at this time will do a small performance and let you take photos with them afterwards. There's 5 different characters working at the cafe, and depending on which time you go, you'll see different ones.

One of the waiters will aslo help you take photos, so don't worry about that.

The exit is on the other side of the restaurant, purposely placed so that you will walk through the gift shop when leaving the restaurant. Most things are quite expensive, but if you're a fan of the artist you will probably like it.

That's it for today~ 

Did you ever visit the Kawaii Monster Cafe? If not, does it look like a place that you'd like to visit?
Tell me your thoughts in the comments below!

Love, Lydia